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                                       ElectroLight Fire Starter



ElectroLight Fire Starter

No lighter fluid…no butane…just a safe and easy way to start a fire! The ElectroLight functions by expelling super-hot, 1300°F temperature air that ignites the flames, and then fans them with a built-in blower. It is guaranteed to light every time, even in the windiest conditions. The ElectroLight is great for lighting charcoal, fire pits, wood stoves, and fireplaces. The best part is that the ElectroLight can get your fire or charcoal roaring in 2-3 minutes with no need for lighter fluid or other starter chemicals. The red-start trigger also has a built-in safety feature to protect yourself and the Electrolight. This is basically fire re-discovered.


I had bought a FirePit and decided to see what this puppy can do!   The outside electric outlet was too far where the Fire Pit by Law had to be.  So you may need to have an extension cord for heavy use to meet the following Specifications: 1300 degrees, F1500 Watts 120 Volts 10′ heavy gauge grounded power cord.



The area for fires I removed the old rusty one. Once that project was done moved on to the new Firepit nothing fancy or expensive, but it does what I want it to do.




Using Rocks my Landlord helped me set up the rocks placing the Fire pit


I used all the twigs and dried crushed up leaves. Using the leaves under the TeePee set up the twigs . Insert the Electro-Light Fire Starter


Place the Electro-Light Fire Starter close to start using the red button DO NOT PUSH STARTER INTO THE THE FIRE PLACE. just needs to lay close enough to catch the dried crushed leaves


Once your fire has started place the screen over this keeps the ash from blowing and starting a fire. I pull the hose over so if this happens I have water quickly.


So now comes the Have and the Have Nots. Never while pushing the trigger should this be place at your face because your curious, your curiosity will not be fun. Once you have your fingers on the trigger the Fire Starter should only be facing the fire pit.

Do not lean over to watch the Electro-Light Fire starter once again this action could cost some serious damage to you body.

Please Do Not Let your children Play with it is not a Toy even if it is not plugged in.

When toasting Marshmallow wait till the fire has died down marshmallows will be a beautiful golden just hot enough to make Smores or dipping in a fondue of your favorite sauce.

The Electro-Light Fire Starter can be found at most major department Hardware section of the stores May be on sale this time of the year’ The review is for the Electro-Light Fire Starter

The Firepit is a personal item used for this review. I love that it is lightweight, easy to use and has a safety lock also.

You can find it at:

https://www.homeright.com/, Home Depot and Sears.





Jack n Jill Kids Overnight Gift Kit #Boys&Girls #JacknJill #ToothBrush #ToddlersFirstTeethKit #Organic #SiliconeToothbrush #Overnightvisits

Jack n Jill Kids Overnight Gift Kit

Jack N’ Jill – Natural Toothpaste Fluoride-Free with Certified Organic Strawberry – 1.76 oz.

Jack N’ Jill – Natural Toothpaste Fluoride-Free with Certified Organic

What they say:

Jack N’ Jill is a natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers & children that is safe to swallow. It was first made in Melbourne, Australia in 1949 and it has been our family business for more than 20 years. It continues to be made in Australia and we are excited that Jack N’ Jill is now available in more than 30 countries.


A few years ago we had our first child and immediately joined many parents the world over who are concerned about current environmental issues and the direct effects they have on our children. We started to question everything he came into contact with, not wanting to expose him to unnecessary additives and chemicals. We felt frustrated about the lack of choice in early childhood oral hygiene. With a background in pharmacy, we set out to formulate the absolute safest toothpaste for our kids and yours. In the process, we also made it the most fun & yum!


Jack N’ Jill Toothpaste is 100% safe for young children – especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out! All Jack N’ Jill branding is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won’t mind it sitting on their bathroom vanity. Alongside the toothpaste, we have designed and manufactured the first children’s toothbrushes with handles that are made of NON-GMO cornstarch, and are therefore biodegradable and recyclable. Did we mention ‘cute’?


We are extremely proud of our formulation, having successfully developed a toothpaste containing ingredients with mild and known safety profiles. There is much information freely available on the web, and here is one example, should you wish to read more.

At Jack N’ Jill we believe that businesses have an obligation to the environment, that’s why we have formulated an all natural, hypoallergenic toothpaste with organic ingredients, and designed our packaging to be minimal, recyclable and BPA Free.

Dino Gift Kit
JnJ Dino Rinse/Storage Cup, JnJ Natural Toothpaste Organic Banana Flavour, JnJ Bio Toothbrush Dino, JnJ Silicone Finger Brush, JnJ Sleepover Bag



It has everything they need to have a great time brushing and a neat and tidy bathroom.



Consists of:
Jack N Jill Dino Rinse/Storage Cup also Hippo, Koala, & Bunny
Jack N Jill Natural Toothpaste Organic Banana Flavour, also comes in Strawberry, Black Currants, Raspberry, Blueberry, Original
Jack N Jill Bio Toothbrush Dino, Bunny, Koala, and Hippo
Jack N Jill Silicone Finger Brush
Jack N Jill Sleepover Bag

Jack n Jill toothbrush sets can be purchased online at Amazon

Jack and Jills Website: http://usa.jackandjillkids.com/




Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try and am sharing my opinion with you.  My opinion may differ from yours.   See my disclosure statement for more info.









Sophie’s Adventure with Chewy to the Rescue #Chewy #Friends #Influncers #AdvantageIICatFlea&Tick



This is Sophie; she is 3 yrs old July 4th, 2016; she is my crazy and smart cat. Very smart cat at that. She can be very noisy as well very shy. Sophe likes to really just hang out with me; she has never been outside. So that could be an adventure, but then again, she could be harmed in so many ways, so I do my best to keep her inside. When Sophie & I moved from her first home which we had a studio on the 3 rd floor, she became the window cat. Once I was settled, I would go to Chicago for 10 days to spend time with my family for the grandson’s birthdays and then again, for Christmas.

So needless to say when I returned even though was never alone she wasn’t with me so, I would just worry about her, but the tradition continues. We have also moved and are on the first floor where we share with a roommate. Our landlords and owners of the building lived upstairs for the past two years that I have lived here. The family of boys from teens, tweens and toddlers and a busy mom & dad had been excited that they were finally moving into their new home. Well, all this happened this past June -July. I went to spend time with my grandsons turning the Big 5 & my little peanut turning 3yrs.

Well when I came home on the 9th of July, it took her a while to figure out I was home, and then she has to be where I am just a lot closer. It’s a really nice homecoming usually last for a few weeks, then she goes back to her bratty self. She has never been around children or other cats. Living here she has been enjoying the outside activities, one side of the house is the pantry area where she will sit in the window for hours watching the little toddler with his mommy having play dates. When the older boys got home from school, they would be practicing their sports. Basketball was one, and she would sit in the bedroom window and watch the guys play basketball. I even got her this really nice window cat bed.



This is a two-story home Sophie, and I live on the first & the two cats that lived upstairs Birch and Clover. Clover being the Kitten, Birch likes to go her bowl to eat her food, which upsets her to no end, or he would go flop himself on the loveseat; Clover played & she loved that, so now and then we would leave the foyer open for the cats to play. or growl depending on the mood. I would still make my every 6-month trip & she would stay behind lots of food and water, but she wasn’t alone.



I am not going to make this a short story none of that to make a long story short. I also have two videos so get out the popcorn.


Her first review for The Pet Store through Amazon they sent her a box full of cat toy’s feathers, and more she then moved onto Newmans Own PetFood.


Sophie Loves her Newman’s Dry Food. She has never cared for wet food, so all wet food goes to pet rescue in the area.


Newman’s Own Pet food is no longer in business at the moment. Then she became the OMG Mama, there are boxes outside, we take them and place them on the table; she would be all through the boxes as the opened, so she is most definitely the Photo Bomb Cat.


With Lugz boots I did a review for. She also makes sure all the food is safe to eat or drink. Sophie also to sit right on the keyboard like this is going to stop me from working.



Bye Newman’s Own Organic Thanks for the great Food Sophie!


So as I was saying I came home from my trip, and she was her usually going to just be in my face, But then after a few days she started staying to herself sitting in the window for hours wouldn’t leave that area, was eating and drinking her water. However, she remained in the window, and I started to worry what is wrong with Sophie. She started to growl and slap me. Treats her most favorite she could notcare less. Well, I started to wonder if she was depressed. Mom was gone for 10 days BUT now all the boys upstairs have moved and along with Birch and Clover. So to her just GONE no cats to play with no children to watch play mama is not here, and my roommate was also on off on his summer break from work.




I will tell you I go see my daughter twice a year for 10 days while Sophie stays home to mind the house after I taught her how to fix her own dinner and clean her box. (haha) My roommate looks after her as well as my LandLady who lived right upstairs until she moved.

So we have been living here for almost three yrs. in Dec 2017. Sophie is a strictly an INDOOR CAT. When I return home after 10 days, she followed me everywhere sits on my keyboard just happy, happy, happy!

Well this past trip I arrived home on the 9th of July so for the first few days she was all happy, for a few days then she would sit for hours and didn’t want to be held or touched. So I started to think she was depressed, so many changes on this trip, my landlords and their sons and two cats were gone and had moved to their new home. When they lived here Sophie enjoyed watching the older boys play basketball and when the kids were in the backyard, she would watch them play.







Aaron and his mommy outside playing on the Thomas train.  Sophie is in the window watching. Even when I go outside she will follow me from room to room window to window.

About 4 months prior to this she started doing product reviews for the Chewy Company.


Pretty sure she knows who this is for


Catamazing Treats boxes she totally loved this game and will push the Catamazing treat box from room to room till all treats were gone. I didn’t want her to think treats were the main meal. I would take a scoop of her dry food and a few of her treats so this way I knew she was eating her cat food.


On August 1st Chewy wrote me and I had to tell them I didn’t think she would be able to do this month’s review and I explained to the Natalie The PR for Chewy.  That Sophie has been very sad I honestly think all the changes that occurred in July.


So the very next day there is large box from Chewy on the porch and I was like, “Wow what do we have?” Natalie had sent Sophie a box full of toys and catnip a scratch post she helped me open the box she climbed in the box as when went through all the neat items which I video taped


After the was done she went back to sit in the window, So I turned to my friends on Facebook, who also cat owners, I just needed some advice of why she was acting like that. I was now seeing her constantly chewing and scratching herself, so I tried to sooth her pain and checked home remedies and asked friends. THEN I started getting bites on my feet. I thought they came from the basement where laundry is done. She would follow me downstairs all the time, but more so after the family moved from the second floor. It was also cooler in the basement, and she just loved going down and hanging out.

OMG Sophie is infested with fleas! I’m like how did this happen she has never been outdoors. I just turned to my friends again how do I get a cat in the sink without her killing me. So I took advice from my SIS in Kansas she suggested bathing her in Dawn. In the meantime, I am looking around for a mobile Pet groomer. There is nothing going to get her in a cat carrier with being sedated. I cannot even cut her nails. I knew for sure the other two cats had no fleas or ticks they both had been treated and both cats were always visiting and never had any fleas, so like where did they come from?


Well i finally got to the point where it was DO or Die as in ME dying. It was 2 am I was on the phone Long Distance to my BFF in NJ when I heard this crash in the kitchen, so being home alone I grabbed the handy bat solid oak and wandered out to the kitchen, My roomie keeps his food on top of the frig, and Sophie wanted to be on top of the frig. She loves Marshmallows. Which my roomie had a bag on top of the frig so everything was pushed off and she just started snacking on the marshmallows.


Well I cleaned out the kitchen sink, filled the sink with lukewarm water and Dawn with all my strength I put her in the water and help her in there and proceeded to talk to her and wash her, well she tried to escape and when I grabbed her back she dislocated my right thumb and hurt the right shoulder to boot. I finally got all the soap out and wrapped her in a towel and until she was somewhat dry.


After the bath, she appeared to be feeling better, but to no avail, the fleas stayed behind.


I tried using aloe gel and spray with lemon juice which I read will cause a bitter taste which will stop her from chewing. So I wrote to Natalie and explained what the problem was, she replied and the next day another box from chewy on the front porch. I was like OMG everything I could possibly use to rid her her from fleas. Chewy sent her some Organic Fleas to spray has a nice peppermint smell so I sprayed the carpet under the table a, box of Advantage II flea and tick drops that I applied right away to the back of her neck and this really nice comb to remove the dead fleas and eggs so we did this every day still combing her out now the comb comes out clean . I also learned the fleas travel to the back of the tail so she wasn’t letting anyone touch her tail, But she let me after the calming Treats called Composure she allowed me to comb out her tail and OMG tons of fleas. Now I can comb her all over without too much grief from her.



Within a few days, she was back to herself so much so that I thought maybe I should get her new fleas! HAHA!  Yay just joking she is totally back to normal. The chewy company has been a wonderful company for Sophie to do product reviews. Natalie is just AWESOME and she really cares.  Funny Newmans Own wrote me to ask me how Sophie was doing. So Sweet.


I want to thank everyone who sent me advice which I took so Thank You, Tammy, Stephany and my daughter Jillian.


Big THANK YOU to Natalie with the Chewy Company!


Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try and am sharing my opinion with you.  My opinion may differ from yours.   See my disclosure statement for more info. I













Sophie says, “Thank you Chewy!”

Chatting Over Coffee is a Chewy Ambassador. I receive products in exchange for a review. This was a surprise for Sophie from Chewy.com Thank you Chewy.com!


3DLightFX Minions Series Battery Operated 9 Inch Tall 3D Deco Night Light – BOB Minio
with Light Up LED Bulbs and Crack Sticker


I am reviewing two of the 3DLIGHTFX MIGHT LIGHT. Starting with Bob. I love the Minions. The Nightlights are really awesome!



  • Includes: BOB Minion 3D Deco night light, crack sticker, wall plugs, wall screws and instructions
  • Provides comforting lights for infants and children to fall asleep while providing parents enough light to view the infants without additional light
  • Simple installation, easy on/off switch
  • Safe (Cordless, battery operated), Cool (Never gets hot to touch), Fun (Wall Sticker Included), Awesome (Looks Great On or Off) and Easy (Simple to Install)
  • Require 3 AA batteries (Not included)


Once you have the place you wish to set your Night light you really need a lot of patience when applying the Crack.  Use a Credit card to help you smooth the crack as you go.


How Bob looks lit up at night.

3DLightFX Minions Series Battery Operated 9 Inch Tall 3D Deco Night Light – KEVIN Minion with Light Up LED Bulbs and Crack Sticker

Kevin is another part of the Trio Kevin. Bob and Stuart.



Each one has his own personality along with the rest of the Despicable ME crew. It would be great to collect them all.  They are also great conversation starters when you have guests over. You can find other night lights as well. The company has quite the collection of characters like Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Belle and more! The 3DLightFX store can be found by clicking on http://www.3dlightfx.com/

Amazon and Target also carry the 3DLightsFX. Don’t Forget you need Batteries AA. They also have a timer so it will  shut off to save battery use.










Jolly Llama Simply Fruit Sorbet. #GlutenFree #Non-GMO #DairyFree #JollyLlama #Sorbet #WholeFoodsStores #FruityFlavors #WholeFruit

I am reviewing these delicious Sorbet Pops from the Jolly Lllama company! I was able to find them at Whole Foods while visiting my daughter in Chicago. Whole Foods are pretty far from me in Massachusetts. I was so glad I was able to find them when visiting her, but kinda sad that they aren’t available where I shop regularly here because I loved them.



They have a  wonderful selection of Whole Fruit Jolly Llama Sorbet POPS and they remind me of the push pops on the Ice Cream Truck. Good Times.

Well, this is what is inside the Box 4-3fl oz Squeezups 12 fl oz each box has their own flavors.

Like Raspberry, Strawberry and Pineapple Coconut.


Great for the whole family. Healthy for the whole family.


Look here! My grandson on top right is who I call: “The Peanut.” He is 3 yrs old. He loves the Jolly Llama’s Squeezups!


While My Oldest Grandson who I nicknamed, “The Pumpkin head” he just turned 5, He also loves the Squeezups he is more of the Pineapple or Cherry kinda guy.


I Personally loved them all well. The occasional brain freeze keeps me sharp! (haha)



Thank you for stopping by & watching my Grandsons enjoy their Jolly Llama’s Squeezups


Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try and am sharing my opinion with you.  My opinion may differ from yours.   See my disclosure statement for more info.



Plasmart Catch and Learn The educational game. Where you fish for answers! #Plasmart #ChildrenEducational #PreSchool #Math #Spelling

I am reviewing the Plasmart Catch and Learn Educational game for Children 4 ages and Up! 

My Grandson recently turned five yrs old in May. He will be attending kindergarten in a few weeks. I asked the Plasmart Company if I m review their Catch and Learn game. I always go out to see the grandchildren on their Birthdays . The game he took to very quickly. Until we made it harder. The object is to place the Magnetic Fish on the floor. while the child uses a snap and catch reel.

Each Fish is magnetic also an erasable pen with an eraser for the fish. So depending on what you wish to teach your child. You use the erasable pen and start marking the Fish like 1+3=4 So the child needs to catch the correct numbers to make his total be 4.

  • DEVELOPS FINE MOTOR SKILLS: With included retractable magnetic fish catcher, 10 dry erase fish cards and marker, the educational possibilities are literally endless!
  • LEARN MATH, SPELLING, AND GRAMMAR: Promotes confidence and self-esteem
  • TEACH SHAPES AND COLORS: The dry-erase fish cards offer a wide variety of learning challenges. Watch your kids beg to be tested!
  • ENDLESS FUN: Pick up multiple fish with the push of a button. Single player or entire classroom can play.


Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.  Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.






3DlightFX Night Lights Darth Vader & Saber #Starwars #DarthVader #3DNiteLites #FX3DNightLights #CrackedwallMask

I was asked to review the FX 3D Night Lights Star Wars Collection I chose the Darth Vader Mask with Saber Light!

The FX 3D night lights gives the cracked wall effect. This looks just awesome! Well, it may be awesome, but it’s work laying this cracked wall sticker down. You need patient and a credit card.


It was time consuming, but it was worth it.  On this wall, you need to decide where you wish to place the mask and then the saber. Mark those spots and once the cracked decal is placed it’s not going to be removed.



Remove the mask from the box carefully you want to set the batteries in place before placing on the wall. Lining the Mask up to the anchored holders once it’s in place you want to leave it be.




Crack looks great and laid down perfect. Press on the timer and the mask will light up red, which makes the glow shine through the eyes and mouth.



Now to place the saber light also has the crack effect then the saber is being held in the fist of Darth Vader.






The Stars Wars collection can be found on the 3DlightFX website.








Give your space some character with 3D Light FX! #3Dlight #FXNightLight #Minions #Stuart

I was asked to do a reviews on 4  of the 3D FX Night Lights

Minions 3D Wall Nightlight –  Minions 3D Wall Nightlight – Stuart


The crack is placed first, once this is done . This requires a lot of patient using a credit card to smooth down the crack.

So once you have that crack on the wall you place the batteries inside.

Now you can put this on a timer to will shut off when you want it to.

to save battery power remember you can set this on a timer to shut down when a few hrs have past

Now Stuart is on and watching over your child till morning.

I love the Minions Night Light it is just awesome that I plan to get all 4 of the set.

So I hope to Review Bob and Kevin very soon!

The Minions can be found online:

Beauty and the Beast “Belle” Night Light by 3D Light FX Belle Night Light is the perfect gift for collectors! #beautyandthebest #3dlightfx

Bring the magic of Disney to your room with the Belle Balcony 3D Deco Night Light! When mounted to the wall with the name call-out sticker, the soothing glow provides the necessary light for midnight changes, feedings, reassuring check-ins and, of course, to keep the ‘boogie monster’ at bay! All Lights are LED lite and battery operated and use 3 AA batteries sold separately. They have a convenient ON/OFF switch, ideal for rooms with limited wall outlets. These lights include a 60 minute timer option, which makes them the perfect night light to put your little ones to sleep. Don’t forget to collect them all!


I got this for my daughter for Christmas because she is really into the show, “Once Upon a time” and has started decorating her office with a Disney/Once Upon a time theme. I thought Belle would make the perfect addition to her space, and she just loves it!

The light is very detailed and looks so beautiful all lit up during the night time. Sometimes she likes to work in her office in the dark, so she doesn’t wake her, two toddler boys and this is perfect right by her computer desk.

I am really glad I got it for her around Christmas because with the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out I bet these are going to sell out like hot cakes! She loved hers so much that she got some Paw Patrol ones for my grandsons for their room, so they have a lot to choose from! To see what they have to offer and to check out, their other 3D night lights go to their store locator!

She sent me a picture of her office last night and I think it is coming along great! What do you all think? Do you have a favorite Disney Character? Mine crowing up with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and I just loved the Mickey Mouse Club!




Number of Pieces: 1
Features: On/Off Switch
Light Bulb Type: LED
Bulb Life: 5.7 years
Material: Plastic
Power Source: Batteries
Dimensions: 5.12 inches H x 6.54 inches W x 1 inches D
Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Battery: required, not included:
Assembly Details: assembly required, tools not provided
TCIN: 51313140
UPC: 816733021386
Store Item Number (DPCI): 085-04-0102
Origin: Imported