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I am reviewing  the Heat Holder Lite Socks The warmest thermal socks


I love the socks they are so soft and yes they keep my feet warm. Sometimes they are too warm, but once I remove them they go right back on. lol

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They fit so snug which is a plus I have other socks that keep turning on me when I am walking. These Heat Holder socks stay put.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

They are just the right length to go in my boots no need to strap them down to the boot they stay exactly where they need to be which is a huge plus for me.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

About the socks which I highly recommend for you to check out the web site!

They have several colours lengths men and woman even neck warms, hats and scarfs everything you need to keep warm indoors and outdoors.


The new Heat Holders lite sock is finally here! Heat Holders’ creators have listened to their customers calls to create a thermal sock that isn’t so chunky, now Heat Holders can fit into a normal dress shoe or trainer. But, a solid tog rating of 1.6 means your feet can still be extremely warm! With many fabulous marl twist styles to pick from, your feet will be elegant and warm at the same time, now who wouldn’t want that?

Below are some facts about these socks and the Heat Holders brand in general.

Heat Holders Yarn – Our Specially developed thermal yarn provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities.

Heat Holders Loops – Innovative knitting technology produces our unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air, increasing the TOG rating.

Heat Holders Brushing – Finally, our expert brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held inside each sock for total warmth and all day comfort.

Heat Holders Lite Tog rating – These socks are scientifically tested to be 5x Warmer than a basic cotton sock, with a tog rating of 1.6.

Heat Holders Lite – This new version oh Heat Holders solves the ‘to thick’ element to the original Heat Holders. These Thermal Winter Socks are thin enough to fit into your everyday shoes, but thick enough to still allow Heat Holders’ heat insulation techniques to work. If your struggling to get your thick Original Heat Holders into your boots or shoes then here is your answer!

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Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System Hardwood Floors #SharkGenius #SharkPocketMop #SteamBlaster

I am reviewing the Shark Genius Steamer mop for hardwood floors

Wow! I am very excited to be doing this review for Shark. My hardwood floors were needing a good steam cleaning and this baby is amazing! It was so easy to put to together one, two, three ready to use. The Shark Genius and I started our journey in the living room and then on to the kitchen so show you step by step pictures. This is my landlady. She is so sweet that she is doing the floors and I am taking pictures.

Everyone say, “Hi!” to Stephanie the nicest landlord a person could have. She came downstairs to the apt I share with her brother and decided to help move the furniture around to place the Christmas Tree. Once that was underway. We decided to give the Shark Genius the test.

I love this handle and the Shark is so light weight a child could do this, but for now the grown ups are playing. We were both totally amazed at the Steam Mop and how the floors were looking awesome.  So what you do is add water to the Shark and then turn her on get busy.

The round handle is so nice with the extra long cord.

Cord after undone from the box you can see the hook up and one down so the cord can be wrapped back up I like that allot

The mop touch free wet pads attach and release the dirt Grip Pads without touching them and they can be washed and dried in your washer. No shrinking!! So this what you do lift Mop, then pinch release button the allows you to grab the pad.

Ezpz! Once the pad is attached you use the flask that comes with your shark and fill the Shark Mop with water prefer distilled water. But I use filtered water like the Britta or Zero water.

Once the light goes on move the steam mop handle down and this allows the water which is extremely hot. You don’t need any fluids but water. I suggest you sweep or vacuum the floors first. Like I said we started in the living room and wow thank heavens the mop will flip to let you use the other side. Plus I had a second Pad.

When the living room was done we headed to the Kitchen and just flipped over the pad and look at the mop pad from the living room not to bad, but the kitchen was another whole ball game.

So first we pushed the stove over and Stephanie took the Steam Mop & went at it.

Once the kitchen area was done the pad was actually turned back over and the final results looked like this:

This pad is so black and with a click the button that opened up to attach the pad now releases the pad. Once the Dirty Nasty pad was removed into the washer it went.


So done for the night. Stephanie was so impressed with the Steam Mop she went back upstairs and no sooner messaged me and said may I borrow the Shark to do my floors. Once she was home from work she couldn’t wait to get busy on her floors.


The Shark Genius Steam Mop for hardwood floors with all these features is the best Steam Mop ever I am so happy with the Shark and my landlady is going to the store to get her own Shark Genius

  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors
  • Attach and release pads without touching them
  • Steam Blaster attacks tough, greasy, stuck-on messes
  • 3-setting electronic Intelligent Steam Control
  • Dual-sided Dirt Grip pads Lightweight design

Next day the results were ready for the tree to be placed and I wish to say Merry Christmas to all at the Shark Company. Thank you for giving me a chance to review the Shark Genius Steam Mop.




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Lugz Women’s Empire Hi Vt Winter Boot #Giveaway #LugzBoots #WinterBoots

I am reviewing the Lugz Boots for woman and I am totally in love with my Lugz Boots!!


I love the color I love the style. The color is Ruby Black and the size I got was 8 1/2.

My boots are a velvet texture and the best part is how warm they keep my feet and there is no sheep or lamb fur inside. So your feet don’t sweat you don’t need to wear woolly socks I just wear my everyday Hanes socks. I wore them all day and when I got home my feet were feeling great.


The Lugz boots have their logo on the side with a nice cushioned leather cuff.


The inside flap will show the size. Now I have a wide foot and I decided on 8 1/2 and wow I was right on since I usually wear a 7 1/2 in sneakers. so I am glad I went with 8 1/2.

The Flexastride Lugz Memory foam in sole are amazing. I could wear these all the time and feel great walking in them. I like how my feet adapted to the boot and my feet didn’t feel trapped. I am so not a closed up foot person. My feet just need to be in the open air, but I have one pair of sketcher sneakers I wear but after a while I want them off my feet. The Lugz Boots are just awesome.

Non slip tread just flex with the step. Lace up so you can have them as tight as you need and stayed tied the whole day..

Women’s Empire Hi VT

COLOR: Ruby/ Black

The Empire Hi VT is a water resistant and slip resistant plain toe boot that features our patented Flexastride memory foam technology. This boot features a velvet upper and has the perfect blend of style and comfort to protect your feet year round.


  • Velvet upper
  • Padded tongue & collar
  • Flexastride molded memory foam insole
  • ASTM-F1677, Mark II tested slip resistant rubber sole

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Lugz Boots are a GIVEAWAY, BUT you can only get the same style that I reviewed, you do however get to choose your color and of course your size. Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. US Residents only!


Now my Boots had been shipped to lucky me the address was across the street and she had been talking to my landlady asking if she knew the name on the box was it me.. so happy I have honest neighbors. this was not a delivery error to the wrong address the shippers mark down the wrong street numbers. lucky that it was across the street. But through it all that I got the best pair of boots ever..


Where can you buy them. http://www.Lugz.com  There website is really nice and easy to navigate.


Lugz Women’s Empire Hi Vt Winter Boots

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Red Apple lipstick gluten free, paraben free makeup Made in the USA # GIVEAWAY #RedApple #GlutenFree #ParabenFree #Listick #MakeUp #ToxinFree

This the Red Apple Lipstick and Make-up contains two eye shadows, & prime eye concealer and a red apple lipstick as well as a compact mirror which holds two shadows.

The Red Apple Lipstick products are Gluten free as well as Paraben & Toxin Free and best of all Cruelty Free

Red Apple Lipstick Porcelain Gluten Free, Vegan, Mineral Eye Shadow
Red Apple Lipstick Violet Vixen Gluten Free, Vegan, Mineral Eye Shadow
Red Apple Lipstick Pink Gluten Free, Vegan, Mineral Eye Shadow

Shadows can be applied wet or dry each one is 1.5g net wt. .053 oz

I also received the little compact with mirror and magnetic bottom which the eye shadows snap right in and stay put, no worries about putting into your purse and open it up to eye shadow all over.


The Prime Time gluten-free Mineral eye primer that totally Rocks which you apply under the eye and over the eye as well then apply your shadow.


Women are inherently creative creatures, but sometimes a girl just might find herself in a “rut”! And “Ruts” are a no fun zone!


A Red Apple Lipstick is meant to drive yourself out of those daily ruts! Here’s how…Cheap lipsticks use gross, waxy, thick bases. There’s only one way to apply them, you just scrape them on.


But a Red Apple Lipstick has an entirely different kind of base. Smooth, silky and creamy. This silky base will allow you to have zero limits.


With a Red Apple Lipstick, it’s easy to apply sheer, medium bodied, full-bodied, or apply two colors to make a new one.


Plum Sexy Crazy Gluten Free Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick


You may find the Red-Apple Products at www.RedApple.com which is having a Christmas sale from Nov 28th to Dec 4th


Coupons also on web site & they have a clearance tab. Product can also be found on Amazon. This would make an awesome gift around the holidays as well! Try your chance at my giveaway Red Apple Lipstick Giveaway!

and enter below! Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen! Good Luck!



Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try. Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER DM-901 #Olympus #Voicerecorder #GhostHunters #HGG2016 #AD #OlympusAmerica #HammacherSchlemmer #EverythingDigital

I am reviewing the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder Model DM-901

  • 4gb built-in memory (max. recording time approx. 850 hours
  • Linear PCM / MP3 / WMA recording options
  • 5 folders, 999 files per folder + max. 6,000 music folders
  • Color LCD screen
  • Wi-Fi Smartphone compatible

This OLYMPUS DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER DM-901 has so many awesome features and it is also compatible with a Wi-Fi Smart phone. I am so excited that I received the Olympus Voice Recorder for so many reasons I love to keep track of my memory great for picking it up and recording my grocery list as I can put it back down and when I think of something else I need just pick the recorder back up and add to the list.  It also has ear plugs so I can plug into my ears at the Market listen to my list.. also great for coupons so say I have coupons for Progresso soup need 4 cans or buy eggs get milk free sometime I just go to the store and have the coupons but never get the amount I need for the coupons to go through the register.


Comes with battery which you must be careful when removing everything from the box as the battery is not already inserted and is hidden in the box so please make sure before you throw out the insert box that your battery is out of the box. Which is exactly what I did.. so glad I finished watching the video and the insert box was still in my office trash.


Back of the box shows how to add the App to your smartphone Link images with Visual indexes also allows you to transfer files Via Wi-Fi Capability which is nice


So what am I really excited about I believe in ghosts very much so..I Have had my fair share all my life with spirits .. So I am really hoping This awesome recorder will allow me to see who is who as a kid I believe my Grandfather John who had passed before I was born. I believe he has always been watching over me.. something crazy would happen when I moved or was in school I would hear him calling my name.. I always knew it was him and I would say everything is going to be alright Grandpa is here and I am safe.


I know have several people I would love to know if these people are the ones following me and my daughter. After we took photos and recording video with out smartphones we found many orbs which would have a purple haze. My daughter looked up the color chart of orbs and found purple to be angelic, so when I go back to visit we will test the recorder for voice reactions.


So more results on this task in December.. I totally love this Digital Voice Recorder I hope you will too. You can purchase this awesome OLYMPUS DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER DM-901 from Hammacher Schlemmer.



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