My Dad’s Breakfast aka Grandpa Eggs #breakfast #eggs #grandpaeggs

Ever since I can remember growing up my father every morning would have one boiled egg one slice of toast and his coffee black. Nothing ever changed. He would hard-boil an egg peel away the shell, mash the eggs in a rankin add just a little butter and salt & pepper. Now as far as I know this has been his daily breakfast since 1956. The year I was born.

In 1980 I gave birth to his first Grandchild and she was the APPLE in his eyes, He just loved her to pieces, So I would say about 8 months in to her growing life, Grandpa made his breakfast and Emma in her highchair, Grandpa gave her a bite of his eggs, and she just couldn’t get enough of them, so he made her a boiled egg every morning they would have “GRANDPA EGGS” now everyone in the family knew what she was asking for.  Well when Emma was 2 yrs old we moved back to California. I had taken on a job working from 5 pm to 9 am so she was with my landlord at the time who would watch her till her dad came for her and then she would go back in the morning till I got home, so she would have breakfast with the babysitter. When she was asked what she wanted for breakfast she said Grandpa eggs. The lady fixed her scrambled eggs, she tried fried, poaching them and nothing she did with the eggs was right. Emma wanted her Grandpa Eggs. So I get a phone call at work and the sitter is just so upset and I thought what happened is Emma ok and she was Spanish-speaking  and she is going on & on about these eggs. So finally I get what she is trying to tell me which was WHAT are Grandpa Eggs.

I explained to her you need to boil one egg to hard-boiled stage, and then mash it in a bowl and add a little butter, I had to remind myself on the way home to buy this lady a dozen eggs. LOL But all in all Emma got her Grandpa Eggs where I think she may have gotten the idea that my dad also broke up cheese because she adds cheese now, but my dad didn’t eat much dairy. I think the babysitter added cheese. Till this day Emma only calls them Grandpa Eggs.

Kassee’s Banana Pineapple Smoothie #smoothie #recipe

Being widowed now for 7 yrs and I have had to learn to cook for one.

One thing I love to have every day is a cold yummy smoothie.

What to you need to buy:

One bunch of Bananas

One box of sandwich bags with the fold in flap.

One box of 1 quart freezer bags  (store brand is great)

One cutting board with slicing knife.

5 bananas in this bunch

Remove entire peel.


Now cut each banana in half. Next you want to take each banana and insert both halves in the sandwich bag and fold the flap over and repeat till all 5 bananas are in the sandwich bags.

Next take bananas and place in a one quart freezer bag

Once you have the bananas in the zip lock freezer bag place them in freezer. Once they are frozen just take what you need out for a banana smoothie. I just use one sandwich bag and then you have a lot left for your next smoothie.

Unwrap the banana and place in smoothie blender cup.

Now you can just add milk or some extra frozen fruit

I use almond/coconut either silk or almond breeze. Add a few chunks of frozen pineapple. I personally use a Ninja blender. Place on your blender hit BLEND!


After all is blended you will have a  healthy smoothie.