Sophie says, “Thank you Chewy!”

Chatting Over Coffee is a Chewy Ambassador. I receive products in exchange for a review. This was a surprise for Sophie from Thank you!


3DLightFX Minions Series Battery Operated 9 Inch Tall 3D Deco Night Light – BOB Minio
with Light Up LED Bulbs and Crack Sticker


I am reviewing two of the 3DLIGHTFX MIGHT LIGHT. Starting with Bob. I love the Minions. The Nightlights are really awesome!



  • Includes: BOB Minion 3D Deco night light, crack sticker, wall plugs, wall screws and instructions
  • Provides comforting lights for infants and children to fall asleep while providing parents enough light to view the infants without additional light
  • Simple installation, easy on/off switch
  • Safe (Cordless, battery operated), Cool (Never gets hot to touch), Fun (Wall Sticker Included), Awesome (Looks Great On or Off) and Easy (Simple to Install)
  • Require 3 AA batteries (Not included)


Once you have the place you wish to set your Night light you really need a lot of patience when applying the Crack.  Use a Credit card to help you smooth the crack as you go.


How Bob looks lit up at night.

3DLightFX Minions Series Battery Operated 9 Inch Tall 3D Deco Night Light – KEVIN Minion with Light Up LED Bulbs and Crack Sticker

Kevin is another part of the Trio Kevin. Bob and Stuart.



Each one has his own personality along with the rest of the Despicable ME crew. It would be great to collect them all.  They are also great conversation starters when you have guests over. You can find other night lights as well. The company has quite the collection of characters like Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Belle and more! The 3DLightFX store can be found by clicking on

Amazon and Target also carry the 3DLightsFX. Don’t Forget you need Batteries AA. They also have a timer so it will  shut off to save battery use.










Jolly Llama Simply Fruit Sorbet. #GlutenFree #Non-GMO #DairyFree #JollyLlama #Sorbet #WholeFoodsStores #FruityFlavors #WholeFruit

I am reviewing these delicious Sorbet Pops from the Jolly Lllama company! I was able to find them at Whole Foods while visiting my daughter in Chicago. Whole Foods are pretty far from me in Massachusetts. I was so glad I was able to find them when visiting her, but kinda sad that they aren’t available where I shop regularly here because I loved them.



They have a  wonderful selection of Whole Fruit Jolly Llama Sorbet POPS and they remind me of the push pops on the Ice Cream Truck. Good Times.

Well, this is what is inside the Box 4-3fl oz Squeezups 12 fl oz each box has their own flavors.

Like Raspberry, Strawberry and Pineapple Coconut.


Great for the whole family. Healthy for the whole family.


Look here! My grandson on top right is who I call: “The Peanut.” He is 3 yrs old. He loves the Jolly Llama’s Squeezups!


While My Oldest Grandson who I nicknamed, “The Pumpkin head” he just turned 5, He also loves the Squeezups he is more of the Pineapple or Cherry kinda guy.


I Personally loved them all well. The occasional brain freeze keeps me sharp! (haha)



Thank you for stopping by & watching my Grandsons enjoy their Jolly Llama’s Squeezups


Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try and am sharing my opinion with you.  My opinion may differ from yours.   See my disclosure statement for more info.



Winning moves family games sunk, easy bear rubik’s, & build your own rubik’s cube! #winningmoves #familygames #brainteasers

Reviewing the Winning Moves Family Games


Rubik’s Build it!  Solve It!


So I decided to give the Rubik’s Cube to my Grandson Adam that just turned five. It was a nice to trip to Chicago, and they also know that I arrive with their Birthday Gifts! They both want to know what is in the suitcases.


I forgot which suitcase the birthday gifts were in, so lo and behold here comes my little Peanut (Henry) with the Rubiks Bear. What are you going to do? The Rubiks Bear was already in one piece. So when my other grandson saw what his brother had. Naturally, he wanted to have his birthday gift as well. They were born two weeks apart.


I was determined to build the Rubik’s cube. The Family had all headed off to dreamland, so I opened it and this is what it looked like. Everything you need to build a Rubik’s Cube including the screw driver.

 Then we have the Directions which drove me crazy. See photos below.


Now I have directions. Those directions are more pictures. I planted myself at the dining room table with my little charger and light

and I stayed there till this was done. It had to be close to 6 am when I was done. I started around 10 pm.

Not saying it’s a 12 hr deal. I’m sure it can be done quicker, hey I’m sixty with dyslexia.

My grandson was still sleeping so Rubik  & I  laid down on the futon and fell to sleep. When I had woken I gave my grandson the Cube.


The next item up is the Rubiks Bear Cube.

So this Rubiks Cube Junior Bear Cube was just perfect for Grandson number 2 the 3 Yrs old.


 And the fun begins he is very serious about making this bear right? Almost.



Still determined he is going to get this! Smart kid



I want to thank, Winning Moves for these great Rubik’s cube Build your Own and The Rubiks Bear for Juniors!


Both my Grandsons are having a great time getting their Rubik’s Cubes back to normal. I had a lot of fun building the Cube. My Eldest Grandson now has to solve it




Check out Winning-Moves web site! They have wonderful learning skills for all ages.




Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.  Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.








Plasmart Catch and Learn The educational game. Where you fish for answers! #Plasmart #ChildrenEducational #PreSchool #Math #Spelling

I am reviewing the Plasmart Catch and Learn Educational game for Children 4 ages and Up! 

My Grandson recently turned five yrs old in May. He will be attending kindergarten in a few weeks. I asked the Plasmart Company if I m review their Catch and Learn game. I always go out to see the grandchildren on their Birthdays . The game he took to very quickly. Until we made it harder. The object is to place the Magnetic Fish on the floor. while the child uses a snap and catch reel.

Each Fish is magnetic also an erasable pen with an eraser for the fish. So depending on what you wish to teach your child. You use the erasable pen and start marking the Fish like 1+3=4 So the child needs to catch the correct numbers to make his total be 4.

  • DEVELOPS FINE MOTOR SKILLS: With included retractable magnetic fish catcher, 10 dry erase fish cards and marker, the educational possibilities are literally endless!
  • LEARN MATH, SPELLING, AND GRAMMAR: Promotes confidence and self-esteem
  • TEACH SHAPES AND COLORS: The dry-erase fish cards offer a wide variety of learning challenges. Watch your kids beg to be tested!
  • ENDLESS FUN: Pick up multiple fish with the push of a button. Single player or entire classroom can play.


Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.  Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.






Bose QuietComfort 25 Black Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones #bose #headphones @hammacherschlemmerco #quietcomfort25 #blackacoustic #noisecanelling #entertainment


I am Reviewing the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Black Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for the Hammacher Schlemmer Co.


Seamlessly switch between calls and music on your Samsung or Android device with these Bose
QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones, which deliver powerful sound. Soft earcups and an adjustable design offer a comfortable fit and feel.




Product Features:

Over-the-ear designWith soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband for a comfortable around-ear fit.

Bose Active EQ and TriPort technologyDelivers deep, clear audio.

HD voiceAlong with an advanced microphone system for clear calls, even in noisy or windy places.

In-line controlSwitch between calls and music with ease on most Samsung Galaxy and select Android devices.

Bose noise canceling technologyBlocks out ambient sounds, so you can focus on your music or phone conversation or enjoy peace and quiet.

Unpowered audioListen to your music even after the battery runs out.

Folding earcups and compact carry caseMakes it easy to take the headphones on the go.

What’s Included

  • Carrying case
  • QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (Samsung and Android)


I was very excited to be able to review the Bose Quiet Comfort25 they arrived just in time for my train trip to Chicago,  Most definitely took all the noise on the train to a different level of sound (OOOO) I traveled for 12 hrs I usually use the headphones that slide into your ear, But they do not take away the noise. I have taken this trip every 6 months vs flying.  As soon as I was seated the headphones and tablet come out. I place my device on YouTube click on Led Zeppelin I am good till I arrive at my destination.

Inside the case comes warranty instructions, and this little gadget to be able to plug into your PC.








The Bose Headphones QuietComfort25 can be purchased at Hammacher Schlemmer Co.

The Headphones are great for children with Autistic behaviors where sounds are alarming to their ears.

I highly recommend the QuietComfort25 by BOSE for all ages!



Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.  Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.








Smart Planet Iced Coffee 2 Go 19 oz Rapid Gel Chilling Tumbler #Giveaway #SmartPlanet #IcedCoffeetogo #Travel #Sports

I love Smart Planet. I have been doing reviews for the Smart Planet company for over a year now.  Each item I review is just another amazing product. This review will be about the Smart Planet Ice Coffee Chilling Tumbler.

Make delicious fresh brewed Iced Coffee at home. We have 4 pieces to make the best and the longest iced coffee!



A beautiful tumbler with freezer gel injected double wall; includes a black straw and a removable freezer rod. The freezing rod is easy enough, fill with water place in the freezer along with the tumbler freeze separately.



 Once the items are frozen. You need to turn the tea pot on to boil the water for your coffee

I don’t have fancy coffee maker, but the coffee from the coffee makers will work as well.


Now you want to take the freezing rod and leave the black cap ON in the cap you will see where to screw the rod into place. Cools hot coffee from 200+ degrees to room temperature in 5 minutes or less. Once the freezing rod is connected. Before inserting into Tumbler add your hot coffee, Place the coffee take the straw provided screw on cap with the tumbler being frozen and the freezing rod your coffee should be cold within 5 minutes.



The twist-tight lid is perfect for spill resistant Travel  BPA free;20 oz. Fits standard cup holders.

 I was headed to Chicago to visit my daughter and I travel by train, so I thought how great this would be to have on the train, but the storms delayed the delivery. I returned home and my Iced Coffee Tumbler was waiting for me. I used the tumbler the next day, let me tell you it works great, I love Iced coffee and I drink it daily.



  • Make delicious Iced Coffee at home with this Iced Coffee To Go Bottle.
  • 1) Pre Freeze the bottle  2) Add fresh brewed coffee 3) Allow to chill for 5 minutes  4) Remove the “freezer rod”  5) Add ice and enjoy!
  • Bottle has a double wall with freezing gel, includes a black straw and a removable freezer rod.
  • The twist-tight lid is perfect for spill resistant travel.
  • 20 oz.


This Iced Tumbler can also be Bought on Amazon & Smart Planet web store.


Now here is your chance to own one for yourself! US Resident Only! Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Once the winner is chosen. The lucky winner needs to send me their address and the Smart Planet company will ship it directly to you! Chatting Over Coffee is not responsible for prizes not received. Good Luck!

Smart Planet Iced Coffee 2 Go 19 oz Rapid Gel Chilling Tumbler (Company picks color)




Smart Planet Portion Perfect Stackable Bento Meal Tower! #Giveaway #SmartPlanet #StackableMealTower #OfficeLunch #SchoolLunch #BPAFree

I am reviewing one of the newest products from Smart Planet’s. It is called the Stackable Meal Tower!

Portion Perfect Meal Tower

Customize your lunch with perfect portions in this Stackable Meal Tower!

  3 compartments measure 1 cup and 1 compartment measures 1.5 cups- to help you pack healthy portions every time.


Seals and stacks for any custom meal plan.

Easy Carrying handle.

  • Available in 2 fun colors!
  • Compartments are Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Remove lid and separate each compartment before placing in microwave.
  • BPA Free
  • Pack Healthy Portions Every Time with this Stackable Meal Tower
  • Has 4 measured compartments that stack on top of each other, (3 x 1 cup and 1 x 1.5 cups)
  • The lid has an easy carry handle
  • Compartments are microwave safe and top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free & FDA certified

Item Dimensions: Approx. 4.13″x4.13″x1.25″


I do have one recommendation. You use each bowl which you stack them each with your snack, lunch, etc. You take the stack apart for your lunch, stacked removing each layer. My problem is winter time comes around or even the summer time cold soups. Unless you undo each cup without turning or tilting allowing the soup to just go all over. Smart Planet does have nice thermoses  which some just have a small spout to pour perfectly for homemade soup, using the bottom cup to enjoy the hot soup! No Mess!


I love Smart Planet, they have so many wonderful items to choose from. The products are made with you in mind as this planet earth will be a safer BPA FREE world to live by. The Smart Planet Products can be found on Amazon.


Now that you have seen how awesome this is you probably want one for yourself! So make sure to enter my giveaway for a chance to get one delivered right to your door! US Residents only. Winner must respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick another winner! Good Luck!

The Smart Planet Stackable Meal Tower! (Blue OR Green) Company decides which color they send.



Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.  Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.



Gender reveal heartbeat bear records your unborn babies heartbeat #genderreveal #recordsheartbeat #expectingmom #lifetimekeepsake

My Baby’s Heart Beat Bear


I am so excited about doing this review! I wasn’t sure why since I didn’t think any of my family or friends could be expecting. That was until my friend Stephanie who happens to be my Landlord told me she was 6 weeks along. Well, now it’s like 9 weeks.  I am so excited for her. I just love babies. So I asked to review this Heart Beat Bear Recorder which arrived just in time for Mother’s Day. Baby is still hard to find the heart beat, but next visit to the doctors we hope the baby ‘s heart beat will sing.  Stephanie will not reveal the gender. She herself wants to wait until the baby arrives.



This journey is still in its infancy. As she is growing and expanding each day.

The Gender Reveal Kit is a fun way for you to leave your ultrasound with your baby’s gender hidden. When you are ready you can reveal the gender in the comfort of your home. 13 inches, fluffy fabric, and poly fiber fill.

Gender Kits Contain the Bear or Animal of your choice, A Pink  TUTU as well as a Blue Stripe Bow Tie, of course, the heart.

with a pink tutu




little boy bow tie


The My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear kit comes with an adorable stuffed animal and a red “heart” recorder.  Simply take the recorder to your ultrasound appointment and easily switch it on to capture 20 seconds of baby’s heartbeat. (If you have already recorded the heartbeat on your phone or on a CD, it can be transferred to the heart recorder.) Then, unfasten the Velcro closure on the back of the stuffed animal, insert the recorder into the interior drawstring pouch, not the pouch, and finally re-fasten the Velcro. To listen to the heartbeat, simply press on the animal. To stop, press again, or simply wait 20 seconds.


Heart Beat on Foot


Words from the Makers of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

There’s nothing more awe-inspiring for expecting parents than the sound of their baby’s heartbeat, heard for the first time during an ultrasound appointment. Now this milestone moment can be preserved forever thanks to the ultimate pregnancy keepsake: My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. This innovative gift provides everything needed to capture that precious sound and create a permanent treasure.


I would like to tell you a little about the heart and soul of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.


A lifelong passion for children led me on a journey to a career in pregnancy sonograms and a life full of three happy children at home.


After graduating in 2000 with a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, I became a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer specializing in OB/GYN. With a determined spirit and a heart for the trade, I paved my way into the medical pregnancy community.


Fast forward a few years, and about a thousand belly scans later, and I gave birth to twins – a beautiful boy and girl that both weighed just under 7 pounds! Not something you hear of too often in multiple deliveries! I was later blessed with a healthy singleton pregnancy, bringing us another baby boy. Now the mother to twin 12-year-olds, and a rambunctious toddler, I am constantly kept on my toes.
In 2009, I discovered the amazing bears that record a baby’s heartbeat while in utero. I was working as a private contractor after 8 years working in a hospital. I decided to go the contractor route so I could spend more time with my children and focus on my dream – providing expecting mothers with the ultrasound experience I thought they deserved. Part of that included creating a memory that would last a lifetime, one that each mother could hold near and dear to her heart – her baby’s heartbeat.


I started offering the bears to my patients and they loved them! It didn’t take long before grandparents–to-be, other family members, and friends started purchasing the bears as gifts for expecting mothers. Big siblings wanted in on the bears too! I began recording their sweet little voices sending messages to their soon-to-be baby sibling.


Where to Purchase your own Gender Reveal which includes Monkeys and hippos and bears…oh my! There are more than 16 cute creatures to choose from, all of them crafted from the softest, highest quality fleece-like material and polyfill. My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear makes an excellent shower gift, not to mention a great addition to your nursery décor. Safe for children 3 and older, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear will also become a source of fascination for growing kids who love to know what they were like as babies!

save on shipping go straight to the source by clicking on

BUY online


Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.  Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.


Sashkca Crocheted Beaded Handmade Bangles for all ages & unisex! #Sashkaco #CrochetedBracelets #BeadedBangles #Unisex #Claspfree

I am reviewing the beautiful Bracelets/Bangles for Saskco Crochet Beaded products.

The Sashka Crocheted Beaded Handmade Bangles/Bracelets are nothing BUT AWESOME.  I love them to me that’s what counts Ha ha.  The Bracelets are beautiful. The company has been very good to me when I ask for product to review for gift guide features.  I am going to write about the Crochet Jewels, who have asked me to join their program. I am having my thoughts.


A Very cute pull string pouch each one a different designs or colors


many many designs colors


The Sashka Co. is amazing the bracelets will slip on your hands no clasps just enough elasticity to roll over your hand one at a time. I wear five on my left wrist


Another set on my wrist I love the Pink and Black colors


Sashka Co. glass beaded bracelets are handcrafted with love by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Each bracelet is carefully handmade bead by bead. Skill, passion, and some of the world’s finest glass and sterling silver beads go into each one. Proceeds from your purchase empower Nepali artisans to rise above poverty through fair trade. Over 70% of our profits go back to Nepal.


We partner with several organizations in Nepal that train and employ hundreds of  artisans in rural communities.  Our fair trade partners are focused on gender equality and empowering women. Fair trade is best known for producers getting a fair price for their goods. The women at our co-ops earn a living wage that exceeds the local minimum wage. Fair Trade enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits workers, consumers, industry and the earth.


Night Out is a collection of assorted handmade black mixed bracelets. Each bracelet was hand crocheted by a skilled artisan in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Each bracelet you receive is a best seller in our night out collection. You will receive 3 – 6 different bracelets from the night out collection depending on the quantity you select.
Material: Glass Beads
Size: One size fits all – perfect fit guarantee
Story: Handmade with Love in Nepal


You have to pick your own selection  by ordering directly to the They have a very wide selection of many glass beaded items