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I was asked to review the FX 3D Night Lights Star Wars Collection I chose the Darth Vader Mask with Saber Light!

The FX 3D night lights gives the cracked wall effect. This looks just awesome! Well, it may be awesome, but it’s work laying this cracked wall sticker down. You need patient and a credit card.


It was time consuming, but it was worth it.  On this wall, you need to decide where you wish to place the mask and then the saber. Mark those spots and once the cracked decal is placed it’s not going to be removed.



Remove the mask from the box carefully you want to set the batteries in place before placing on the wall. Lining the Mask up to the anchored holders once it’s in place you want to leave it be.




Crack looks great and laid down perfect. Press on the timer and the mask will light up red, which makes the glow shine through the eyes and mouth.



Now to place the saber light also has the crack effect then the saber is being held in the fist of Darth Vader.






The Stars Wars collection can be found on the 3DlightFX website.








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