Glass Dharma The Orignal Glass Straws Handmade in the USA #GIVEAWAY #GlassDharma #Handmade# GlassStraws #LifetimeGuarantee

I am reviewing 4 Glass Dharma The Original Straws handmade in the good old USA!

Each straw has a different use, but they can be used for every type of beverage.


There is the smoothie or thick milkshake straw which come with a brush that slides in and cleans the straw beautifully.

The first straw has a little green ladybug shaped deals on them nice for ice tea or other favorite beverage.


The second is a straw with the bend for the favorite beverage that you can sip laying back so no dribble would also make a good bedside straw for the person with an illness.


The third one is a short straw for a smaller 8 oz glass also comes with brush.

The Fourth straw is the smoothie straw also comes with brush.


All the straws have a Lifetime Guarantee which is nice to have. All straws are dishwasher safe.


Brushes can be purchased separately if the straw you choose to buy does not have a straw with it. I bought a set of 12 colorful straws a few years ago and one long brush and I just love them.  The company makes these handmade glass straws right here is the USA.

They can be bought in volumes from one to a hundred.  You can find them on I loved these so much I asked to do a giveaway so one of my lucky readers can win what I got to review!! How awesome is that? Winner must respond wtihin 48 hours or another winner will be chosen! Good Luck! US Resident only!

Glass Dharma The Orignal Glass Straws Handmade in the USA #GIVEAWAY

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