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I am reviewing  the Heat Holder Lite Socks The warmest thermal socks


I love the socks they are so soft and yes they keep my feet warm. Sometimes they are too warm, but once I remove them they go right back on. lol

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They fit so snug which is a plus I have other socks that keep turning on me when I am walking. These Heat Holder socks stay put.

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They are just the right length to go in my boots no need to strap them down to the boot they stay exactly where they need to be which is a huge plus for me.

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About the socks which I highly recommend for you to check out the web site!

They have several colours lengths men and woman even neck warms, hats and scarfs everything you need to keep warm indoors and outdoors.


The new Heat Holders lite sock is finally here! Heat Holders’ creators have listened to their customers calls to create a thermal sock that isn’t so chunky, now Heat Holders can fit into a normal dress shoe or trainer. But, a solid tog rating of 1.6 means your feet can still be extremely warm! With many fabulous marl twist styles to pick from, your feet will be elegant and warm at the same time, now who wouldn’t want that?

Below are some facts about these socks and the Heat Holders brand in general.

Heat Holders Yarn – Our Specially developed thermal yarn provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities.

Heat Holders Loops – Innovative knitting technology produces our unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air, increasing the TOG rating.

Heat Holders Brushing – Finally, our expert brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held inside each sock for total warmth and all day comfort.

Heat Holders Lite Tog rating – These socks are scientifically tested to be 5x Warmer than a basic cotton sock, with a tog rating of 1.6.

Heat Holders Lite – This new version oh Heat Holders solves the ‘to thick’ element to the original Heat Holders. These Thermal Winter Socks are thin enough to fit into your everyday shoes, but thick enough to still allow Heat Holders’ heat insulation techniques to work. If your struggling to get your thick Original Heat Holders into your boots or shoes then here is your answer!

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