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I am reviewing these delicious Sorbet Pops from the Jolly Lllama company! I was able to find them at Whole Foods while visiting my daughter in Chicago. Whole Foods are pretty far from me in Massachusetts. I was so glad I was able to find them when visiting her, but kinda sad that they aren’t available where I shop regularly here because I loved them.



They have a  wonderful selection of Whole Fruit Jolly Llama Sorbet POPS and they remind me of the push pops on the Ice Cream Truck. Good Times.

Well, this is what is inside the Box 4-3fl oz Squeezups 12 fl oz each box has their own flavors.

Like Raspberry, Strawberry and Pineapple Coconut.


Great for the whole family. Healthy for the whole family.


Look here! My grandson on top right is who I call: “The Peanut.” He is 3 yrs old. He loves the Jolly Llama’s Squeezups!


While My Oldest Grandson who I nicknamed, “The Pumpkin head” he just turned 5, He also loves the Squeezups he is more of the Pineapple or Cherry kinda guy.


I Personally loved them all well. The occasional brain freeze keeps me sharp! (haha)



Thank you for stopping by & watching my Grandsons enjoy their Jolly Llama’s Squeezups


Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try and am sharing my opinion with you.  My opinion may differ from yours.   See my disclosure statement for more info.



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