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I am reviewing the Shark Genius Steamer mop for hardwood floors

Wow! I am very excited to be doing this review for Shark. My hardwood floors were needing a good steam cleaning and this baby is amazing! It was so easy to put to together one, two, three ready to use. The Shark Genius and I started our journey in the living room and then on to the kitchen so show you step by step pictures. This is my landlady. She is so sweet that she is doing the floors and I am taking pictures.

Everyone say, “Hi!” to Stephanie the nicest landlord a person could have. She came downstairs to the apt I share with her brother and decided to help move the furniture around to place the Christmas Tree. Once that was underway. We decided to give the Shark Genius the test.

I love this handle and the Shark is so light weight a child could do this, but for now the grown ups are playing. We were both totally amazed at the Steam Mop and how the floors were looking awesome.  So what you do is add water to the Shark and then turn her on get busy.

The round handle is so nice with the extra long cord.

Cord after undone from the box you can see the hook up and one down so the cord can be wrapped back up I like that allot

The mop touch free wet pads attach and release the dirt Grip Pads without touching them and they can be washed and dried in your washer. No shrinking!! So this what you do lift Mop, then pinch release button the allows you to grab the pad.

Ezpz! Once the pad is attached you use the flask that comes with your shark and fill the Shark Mop with water prefer distilled water. But I use filtered water like the Britta or Zero water.

Once the light goes on move the steam mop handle down and this allows the water which is extremely hot. You don’t need any fluids but water. I suggest you sweep or vacuum the floors first. Like I said we started in the living room and wow thank heavens the mop will flip to let you use the other side. Plus I had a second Pad.

When the living room was done we headed to the Kitchen and just flipped over the pad and look at the mop pad from the living room not to bad, but the kitchen was another whole ball game.

So first we pushed the stove over and Stephanie took the Steam Mop & went at it.

Once the kitchen area was done the pad was actually turned back over and the final results looked like this:

This pad is so black and with a click the button that opened up to attach the pad now releases the pad. Once the Dirty Nasty pad was removed into the washer it went.


So done for the night. Stephanie was so impressed with the Steam Mop she went back upstairs and no sooner messaged me and said may I borrow the Shark to do my floors. Once she was home from work she couldn’t wait to get busy on her floors.


The Shark Genius Steam Mop for hardwood floors with all these features is the best Steam Mop ever I am so happy with the Shark and my landlady is going to the store to get her own Shark Genius

  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors
  • Attach and release pads without touching them
  • Steam Blaster attacks tough, greasy, stuck-on messes
  • 3-setting electronic Intelligent Steam Control
  • Dual-sided Dirt Grip pads Lightweight design

Next day the results were ready for the tree to be placed and I wish to say Merry Christmas to all at the Shark Company. Thank you for giving me a chance to review the Shark Genius Steam Mop.




Chatting Over Coffee did not receive any compensation for this post. Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.  Also to share my opinion with you. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.



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