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Hello this is Kassee with my cat Sophie we will be doing a review for Chewy  Sophie will be receiving a new item monthly to review for cat toys & products.


Sophie got her first project to deal for Chewy


This can actually give your cat hours of entertainment and it is fun for all ages of cats. You know they love to play, so what better way for them to retrieve the treats and to work for them and learn something new and exciting. So what I did was they put the treats in each little slat and then we did a video viewing Sophie retrieve those treats. Which is can see below:
Sophie is almost three years old. Actually, she will be three on July 4. She is a black & white which is called the Tuxedo Cat.  Sophie is very intuitive, curious not to mention her sneaky little self is always getting into trouble. That if Sophie wasn’t getting in trouble, she wouldn’t be Sophie.  I have to make sure that when I go grocery shopping to buy her treats. I will have my bags inspected when I get home. She won’t be happy until she finds the bag that her treats are in.

Like I said everything has to be examined before we can even open it.



Sophie needs to see everything that comes in the mail whether it’s for her or not!


The CatAmazing comes in a large flat envelope. Which once removed from the envelope there will be some assembly. It is very simple. You just follow those the instructions and once the boxes completed like below what you do is you find her favorite treat. Sophie’s favorite treats happen to be temptations, so what you do is you put the treats in the box in the holes in the box each one has different color inside red green and yellow they kind of go up and down making it more difficult by each color for Sophie to retrieve her treats.


And we all know how much cats love boxes they’ve got to be in every box they see and Sophie takes me a long time to say this box is got to go we need to use this box for recycling you will get a new box and sure enough the chewy box arrived.  To find amazing toys and products for your cat or dog please check out they have great discounts. You may also sign up for a program with them may be with your dog or cat to receive treats toys even kitty litter and then I have stuff for puppies dogs.



Sophie’s 1st Chewy Toy The Cat-a-mazing