Kassee’s Family Salmon Pie #Salmon #Dinner #Recipes #Foodblogger

This is a Family recipe handed down from my grandmother Nana Lane. We call this recipe Salmon Pie. I will share the ingredients you will need for you next shopping adventure.

Ingredients you will need to make this tasty dish.

Salmon: I like the package by bumble bee, canned or fresh.

I prepare food for just me, so you make this for a family of lets say 6 you will need to adjust the recipe.

Back to me, being widowed now for 7 yrs this is a perfect recipe for 1-2 people.

Salmon, small baby Peas, potato mix I  use Idaho Red potato, butter and Ritz crackers. I use whole wheat kind.

Step one: Stove top boil the 2 cups of water.

Add the potato turn off burner, once the potato is fully mixed, add the peas folding them over gently, add salmon

Once you have everything mixed in (Don’t forget to share a little salmon with your cat).

Sophie says, “I Spy something smells fishy”

I use a pie dish so add the mixed ingredients.

Now you say what about the Ritz crackers?

I use half of a roll of the crackers place crackers in a sandwich baggie  and use a mallet breakdown the crackers to crumbs, Now add the crackers to the top spread over the mixture.

Add a few butter pats on top, turn your oven on to 350 bake for 30 minutes

Enjoy ~Kasssee