The Orignal Looprope Adjustable 5ft Tie Down Made W-Easy, 5LRBLK-C-C #LoopRope #BungeeTiedown

I am reviewing the Original Loop-Rope 5Ft Tie down in black.

The Loop Rope is awesome. My plan is to use this to keep two suitcases tied down so it shall be easy for me to pull them as ONE. I take the train to Chicago twice a year to visit my daughter & her family. Last trip I used a cart that is easy for me to push and pull, but the train people didn’t like that. I would have to take everything out of the cart to fold it down, so I ended up leaving it behind which was fine because I use it more in Chicago than I do at home.

What I did was I packed all the Christmas goodies in two my suitcases and took the Looprope and tied them together.


Putting the larger one in the front the Looprope has so many loops so you can wrap it twice around but for now I am just showing how I am going to do this..

Now the smaller suitcase one is attached to the larger suitcase which are both one wheels since I travel alone i need the extra help. I am also handicap so this also makes it much easier for me to walk and pull the doubled up suitcases with is amazing Looprope.

Having the loops around the suitcase will also let me hook on small things and not worry about dropping anything. once I get on the train the bags can be place into the Cubbies and stay together and I can have a safe trip.

The Looprope can be found at

The Loopropes come in black and orange with metal. Easy to use hooks and several types. The one I am reviewing is 5 ft Black looprope with 2  LOOPCLIPS 3.5″ STAINLESS STEEL! They run from $20.00 to $50.00 very durable. Right now for the Fall sale they are running $17.99 and up.


They come in many colors and many uses. Click on the video and you can also goto and see other videos for all types of uses. So check Looprope out online to see if this will work for the project at hand.

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