3DLightFX Minions Series Battery Operated 9 Inch Tall 3D Deco Night Light – BOB Minio
with Light Up LED Bulbs and Crack Sticker


I am reviewing two of the 3DLIGHTFX MIGHT LIGHT. Starting with Bob. I love the Minions. The Nightlights are really awesome!



  • Includes: BOB Minion 3D Deco night light, crack sticker, wall plugs, wall screws and instructions
  • Provides comforting lights for infants and children to fall asleep while providing parents enough light to view the infants without additional light
  • Simple installation, easy on/off switch
  • Safe (Cordless, battery operated), Cool (Never gets hot to touch), Fun (Wall Sticker Included), Awesome (Looks Great On or Off) and Easy (Simple to Install)
  • Require 3 AA batteries (Not included)


Once you have the place you wish to set your Night light you really need a lot of patience when applying the Crack.  Use a Credit card to help you smooth the crack as you go.


How Bob looks lit up at night.

3DLightFX Minions Series Battery Operated 9 Inch Tall 3D Deco Night Light – KEVIN Minion with Light Up LED Bulbs and Crack Sticker

Kevin is another part of the Trio Kevin. Bob and Stuart.



Each one has his own personality along with the rest of the Despicable ME crew. It would be great to collect them all.  They are also great conversation starters when you have guests over. You can find other night lights as well. The company has quite the collection of characters like Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Belle and more! The 3DLightFX store can be found by clicking on http://www.3dlightfx.com/

Amazon and Target also carry the 3DLightsFX. Don’t Forget you need Batteries AA. They also have a timer so it will  shut off to save battery use.










Give your space some character with 3D Light FX! #3Dlight #FXNightLight #Minions #Stuart

I was asked to do a reviews on 4  of the 3D FX Night Lights

Minions 3D Wall Nightlight –  Minions 3D Wall Nightlight – Stuart


The crack is placed first, once this is done . This requires a lot of patient using a credit card to smooth down the crack.

So once you have that crack on the wall you place the batteries inside.

Now you can put this on a timer to will shut off when you want it to.

to save battery power remember you can set this on a timer to shut down when a few hrs have past

Now Stuart is on and watching over your child till morning.

I love the Minions Night Light it is just awesome that I plan to get all 4 of the set.

So I hope to Review Bob and Kevin very soon!

The Minions can be found online: