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I love Smart Planet. I have been doing reviews for the Smart Planet company for over a year now.  Each item I review is just another amazing product. This review will be about the Smart Planet Ice Coffee Chilling Tumbler.

Make delicious fresh brewed Iced Coffee at home. We have 4 pieces to make the best and the longest iced coffee!



A beautiful tumbler with freezer gel injected double wall; includes a black straw and a removable freezer rod. The freezing rod is easy enough, fill with water place in the freezer along with the tumbler freeze separately.



 Once the items are frozen. You need to turn the tea pot on to boil the water for your coffee

I don’t have fancy coffee maker, but the coffee from the coffee makers will work as well.


Now you want to take the freezing rod and leave the black cap ON in the cap you will see where to screw the rod into place. Cools hot coffee from 200+ degrees to room temperature in 5 minutes or less. Once the freezing rod is connected. Before inserting into Tumbler add your hot coffee, Place the coffee take the straw provided screw on cap with the tumbler being frozen and the freezing rod your coffee should be cold within 5 minutes.



The twist-tight lid is perfect for spill resistant Travel  BPA free;20 oz. Fits standard cup holders.

 I was headed to Chicago to visit my daughter and I travel by train, so I thought how great this would be to have on the train, but the storms delayed the delivery. I returned home and my Iced Coffee Tumbler was waiting for me. I used the tumbler the next day, let me tell you it works great, I love Iced coffee and I drink it daily.



  • Make delicious Iced Coffee at home with this Iced Coffee To Go Bottle.
  • 1) Pre Freeze the bottle  2) Add fresh brewed coffee 3) Allow to chill for 5 minutes  4) Remove the “freezer rod”  5) Add ice and enjoy!
  • Bottle has a double wall with freezing gel, includes a black straw and a removable freezer rod.
  • The twist-tight lid is perfect for spill resistant travel.
  • 20 oz.


This Iced Tumbler can also be Bought on Amazon & Smart Planet web store.


Now here is your chance to own one for yourself! US Resident Only! Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Once the winner is chosen. The lucky winner needs to send me their address and the Smart Planet company will ship it directly to you! Chatting Over Coffee is not responsible for prizes not received. Good Luck!

Smart Planet Iced Coffee 2 Go 19 oz Rapid Gel Chilling Tumbler (Company picks color)




Smart Planet NDK Nidecker Designs Original Vacuum Bottle 18 oz 18/8 Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler #Thermalbottle #Giveaway #Hot&Cold #Smart Planet

I received this Smart Planet NDK Nidecker Designs Vacuum Bottle to review.I really like the bottle. It will be great on my train trip in December. It says it will keep my coffee hot for up to 12-24 hrs . The bottles come in random colours. I received PURPLE which is one of my favorite color.


  • Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle. 18/8 highest quality stainless steel construction
  • Leak proof lid; perfect for active lifestyles. Iconic water bottle shape Fits standard cup holders.
  • Keeps Beverage hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.
  • BPA approved
  • 18 oz. Capacity; Swiss style


I love the design the bottle has. It sits up and it fits into cup holders in your car, stroller and backpack. When you stand up the bottle it will not collapse like the plastic water bottles will do especially when the summer hits plastic tends to soften he bottom will fall over the heat in plastic bottles tends to swell the bottom taking away the ability to stand properly, so to me this stainless steel bottle is a plus.

I really like the bottle, but I was a little disappointed that the cap has no place for a straw to slide into for easy drinking, but I see in the website they have an awesome collection of styles running anywhere from 15.99 to 24.99 and up. I also figured maybe the bottle cap is designed to keep the beverage cold or hot. I shall see how this will work for me.


You can check out their website  to see the other items they have. They have all kinds of products to keep food hot or cold and the bottles are easy to clean using a simple bottle brush you can find in baby isle of your department store. I would like to add a link for Amazon where this Bottle and many other products by the Company sells their items so go to  You can also go directly to Smart Planet on Amazon by clicking here.

You order a bottle of your choice or enter into my giveaway and receive one like mine for FREE.. Like I said above you will get a random color in the giveaway. Smart Planet is shipping out the prize to winner and is not responsible for prizes not received! US Residents only! Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen! Good Luck!

NDK Original Vacuum Bottle 18 oz.

Disclosure: I did receive the product for free to try.. as well as share my opinion with you.  My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.