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I am reviewing the best ever Blanket & Lap pad.

Where has this been all my life?  These Mosaic Weighted Blankets are AMAZING!!


Each is a square like a quilted blanket and in each square there are pellets which will exceed the weight that is needed to manufacture the blanket to fit your person.


My blanket weighs 11 pounds 42″ x 72″ Blanket fits perfectly on my bed. So the first night I laid the blanket out on my bed and then I laid my other blanket on top of it. Once a crawled into bed and have the weight blanket on me you can actually feel the blanket snug and you keeping you on how to say it but makes you feel safe in your bed.  I can’t remember how long it is been since I have gone to bed before midnight and slept all through the night It is AMAZING!!


I also received a 4 pound grab bag lap pad.  What I like about this is you can just lay on your lap or and I’m sitting a lot so I can hold the little Grab Bag on my lap or let it sit down on my legs so it’s covering Lake my upper legs down to my to my feet and because a very short so this works pretty well but I have really restless legs and I believe this is believe in helping them my twisting and turning all over the place in my office trying to keep my legs calm night really tried to see if this is getting be a better deal for me then medication I now use for restless legs.



The 4 lb grab bag lap pad this particular one has the satellites of outer space and the reverse side is a solid dark red or maroon like I said this is the lap pad that goes on your lap know whether you are sleeping or laying down driving and you know you legs just need some weight to keep them still.


So what is like absolutely great about these blankets say can be purchased for every member of your household so you have that colicky baby or that starboard and five-year-old the doesn’t want to take his nap they’re great for mom and dad they’re great for grandma and grandpa ready for everybody.


These blankets are designed to make you feel like you’re back in the safe place where you feel warm and protected. Well that’s what these blankets do they make you feel warm and protected. Just another unknown discovery that can make you feel so much better. The Mosaic weight blankets really do make you feel very rested.


The blankets can be purchased at:

Laura LeMond Mosaic Weighted BlanketsCalming Mind, Body and Spirit

The blankets are handmade. Each one is designed and made for you or each individual person in your family. The company that manufactures the blankets in order for the blankets to work for you, The company will ask you for you height, weight. They need this information to customize the blanket and/or lap pad.  I love them, I have the worst case of insomnia I can go for days without sleep. I also cannot remember when I slept through the night.