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Reviewing the Winning Moves Family Games


Rubik’s Build it!  Solve It!


So I decided to give the Rubik’s Cube to my Grandson Adam that just turned five. It was a nice to trip to Chicago, and they also know that I arrive with their Birthday Gifts! They both want to know what is in the suitcases.


I forgot which suitcase the birthday gifts were in, so lo and behold here comes my little Peanut (Henry) with the Rubiks Bear. What are you going to do? The Rubiks Bear was already in one piece. So when my other grandson saw what his brother had. Naturally, he wanted to have his birthday gift as well. They were born two weeks apart.


I was determined to build the Rubik’s cube. The Family had all headed off to dreamland, so I opened it and this is what it looked like. Everything you need to build a Rubik’s Cube including the screw driver.

 Then we have the Directions which drove me crazy. See photos below.


Now I have directions. Those directions are more pictures. I planted myself at the dining room table with my little charger and light

and I stayed there till this was done. It had to be close to 6 am when I was done. I started around 10 pm.

Not saying it’s a 12 hr deal. I’m sure it can be done quicker, hey I’m sixty with dyslexia.

My grandson was still sleeping so Rubik  & I  laid down on the futon and fell to sleep. When I had woken I gave my grandson the Cube.


The next item up is the Rubiks Bear Cube.

So this Rubiks Cube Junior Bear Cube was just perfect for Grandson number 2 the 3 Yrs old.


 And the fun begins he is very serious about making this bear right? Almost.



Still determined he is going to get this! Smart kid



I want to thank, Winning Moves for these great Rubik’s cube Build your Own and The Rubiks Bear for Juniors!


Both my Grandsons are having a great time getting their Rubik’s Cubes back to normal. I had a lot of fun building the Cube. My Eldest Grandson now has to solve it




Check out Winning-Moves web site! They have wonderful learning skills for all ages.




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