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Bridget Cobb – Mindset Coach tells us how she went from unemployment to the job she always wanted

What would you do if you had a hundred million dollars now?  Bridget tells us how that question made her jump into her entrepreneurship journey 2 years ago. With a professional coaching certification, but even better, certified by her own experience, she’s now the one who helps other people become successful entrepreneurs while keeping a 9-5 job. 


Bridget Cobb is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs growing their own side-hustle business as they work a full time, corporate 9-5. Bridget has a genuine passion for helping people to connect with their goals and build strategies to get there. She believes that everyone holds the power to empower themselves, they just need the right tools to get there. And once equipped, they will be ready to step into the unknown and take no prisoners. Bridget is a side-hustle entrepreneur herself, building her company, Bridget Cobb Coaching, while she works a full time senior leadership development role at a major tech company in Seattle.

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