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Jess Critchlow – Coach & Trainer talks about failure and how to start again

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know how to overcome failure? Or maybe you know how but don’t feel confident enough…  As entrepreneurs, we’re likely to feel that way more often than we think. Jess Critchlow shares with us some mindset tips that would help us go through those dark times and learn from them.


Jess Critchlow is the owner of Light Up Work where she helps professionals finally reach their big career goals, do the work they love and ultimately make more money by making REAL change in their confidence and interpersonal skills.

She has over a decade of experience running training programs and coaching individuals. She’s a TEDx speaker who loves geeky conversations about confidence, leadership and entrepreneurship.

When she’s not coaching a client you can find her chasing her two kiddos with her husband in Amherstburg Canada and brewing yet another tea.


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