Mary-Catherine Stockman

About Mary-Catherine:

Mary-Catherine is a registered dietitian passionate about helping women love their bodies. Mary-Catherine spent 3 years working in clinical obesity and diabetes research before opening her private practice to help other women and stay employed no matter where they get stationed! She is passionate about making nutrition easy, fun, and sustainable! Mary-Catherine does not preach diets or fads. Instead, she helps women make small habit changes that last a lifetime! In her free time, she loves exploring the outdoors and bringing her pup to swim!

Busy Babes Confidence Camp

The Busy Babes Confidence Camp is an 8-week virtual program that helps women lose weight and love their bodies. How we feel in our own skin goes beyond just what’s on our plates! This program takes a holistic approach – helping you create routines to manage emotional eating, stress, and inadequate sleep – while still giving you the essentials you need to succeed! Schedule your free consult to learn more at

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