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Shantel Perschon

Podcasting is a lot more than pushing the record button… Alesia Galati knows it and makes it easier to handle by offering a full podcast management service. From editing and launching to optimizing content and getting leads, Alesia and her team make it easier to start the podcastprenenur life. She also talks about her journey to starting her company and why she believes there needs to be more emphasis on biz owners who aren’t in it for the six figure life.


I’m Shantel. I’m a wife, mom, corporate accountant, real estate investor, landlord, and the owner of The Penny Practice LLC. I’m also an early riser, a podcast junkie, a skier, a cake lover and a die hard Grey’s anatomy fan.

 I grew up in Teton Valley, ID and have a deep passion for mountains and sky. I was a college athlete and graduated with an accounting degree.

 My education has served me very well as I have worked in both public and private accounting. My interest in people and money expanded into a business called The Penny Practice. I help couples budget their way out of debt and into a prosperous future.

 I love the process of shifting mindsets and habits toward sustainable change. Personal finances are just that, personal. It’s often something we don’t like to share, but it’s also something that is not widely taught, and often people need help! So, I love breaking down those barriers and removing the guilt and feelings of failure.

 My philosophy is value based and I am not into budgeting to the penny or having crazy excel sheets. Get this, I also think money can be…FUN!

 My husband, daughter and I live in Boise, ID and we are blessed to be able to pursue our dreams, spend time on the lake, garden and eat popsicles on the patio.

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