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Veronika Winski – Women Mentor talks about how to interrupt the pattern and become a better you!

Turning into a better version of yourself is all up to you. We’re constantly-and unconsciously-repeating old patterns that may prevent ourselves from becoming a better person in any aspect of our lives. Veronika Winski tells us the importance of being aware of these patterns and shares some tips on how to break them.


After 8 years in the corporate world, Veronika decided that her talents and real calling were beyond the 9-5 rat race lifestyle. In 3 years she left her job, and started to fulfill her own calling – which was helping women to reinvent themselves and live a life of growth fulfillment and joy. You will find Veronika speaking on virtual and live stages globally and showing her clients how they too can get re energised and clear on their one purpose driven path, not someday but now!

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